To communicate through images the most immediate and original way possible: that's the aim of chaosmonger studio, an award winning multimedia production company. Professional competence, creativity and innovation are the qualities making us an audio-video avant-garde lab.

Over the years we have proudly taken part in prestigious festivals all around the world, like the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, Shanghai Film Festival, Kiev Short Film Festival and more. Working for brands like Nike, Century Media, Heineken. Winning more than 40 awards.

Chaosmonger studio hinges around Nicola Piovesan, whose CV can be downloaded here (PDF); yet, there are many other professional people it can benefit from, coming from several sectors, such as the theatre and music, 3D animation or mainstream cinema.


The infinite cannot be made into matter,
but it is possible to create an illusion
of the infinite: the image.
(Andrei Tarkovsky)

Music Video

I don't remember my dreams too much.
I hardly have ever gotten ideas from nighttime dreams.
But I love daydreaming and dream logic and the way dreams go.
(David Lynch)


Every man should pull a boat
over a mountain once in his life.
(Werner Herzog)


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